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High-Quality Abrasive Blasting Equipment

In each piece of sandblasting equipment we sell, we combine innovative designs, best-in-class materials, and quality engineering. We package this into our abrasive blasting equipment, and deliver it to you at a fair price. Raptor Blaster abrasive blast cabinets are made in the USA with the highest quality materials available. Our bead blast cabinets are laser cut and welded by hand right here in the USA. No seams, no rivets, no blast media leaking on the floor at the end of the day. Each is built with 14 gauge steel and 10 gauge doors, and our sandblasting cabinets are powder coated inside and out.

Our blasting cabinets include features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety. Each blast cabinet includes large accessible doors (one on each side and a front flip up door for larger and heavier objects on the RB4226 model), a high performance siphon system BNP gun, bright 20 watt LED lamps in combination with our sturdy 100 CFM BP style dust collector to allow for the best function and visibility in the market. In addition our cabinets are foot pedal operated and comes complete with a moisture trap and pressure regulator with a gauge.

Financing Available

Abrasive Blast Cabinets

RB4226 Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinet

The RB4226 blast cabinet is designed for the hobbyist and smaller shop and is best for blasting small to medium sized objects. This model includes a front access and two side doors, a high quality siphon system gun, a bright LED lamp, and our sturdy 100 CFM dust collector.

RB4836 Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinet

The RB4836 blast cabinet is designed for production facilities and shops and is the right choice for blasting medium to large sized objects. Visibility is maximized in this model by utilizing 2 very bright 20 watt LED lamps in combination with the sturdy 100 CFM BP style dust collector. This larger capacity cabinet has two large side doors for convenient access and includes our high performance siphon system gun.

RB5446 Industrial Blast Cabinet

The RB5446 is the best industrial blast cabinet on the market, made for blasting medium to large sized objects in high production facilities and shops. Visibility is maximized with this model by utilizing 3 very bright 20 watt LED lamps in combination with the sturdy 100 CFM BP style dust collector. This combination keeps dust to a minimum which allows the operator a clear view of objects being blasted.

RB4836DP Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet

The RB4836 DP is a best-in-class Direct Pressure blast cabinet for medium to large sized objects. The RB4836 is a laser cut and hand welded 12 gauge industrial blast cabinet. No seams or rivets, all media stays in the cabinet. With a 1 cube pressure vessel, micro metering valve and 3/4 inch piping. Performance is second to none.

Note: You can save by upgrading your Raptor Blaster abrasive blasting cabinet with the RB500 or RB900 dust collector, and we offer the high quality RB900 Reclaim to work in conjunction with the RB900 dust collector for optimal production.

Direct Pressure Models

RB900 Direct Pressure Blast System

The RB900DP is a complete Direct Pressure Blast System which incorporates a 1.5 cube Blast Pot with a high quality Micro Metering Valve, RB900 Reclaim and RB900 Cartridge Style/Timed Reverse Pulse Dust Collector into the one unit.

Dust Collectors & Reclaims

Our heavy-duty CFM cartridge style dust collectors are built completely from 12 gauge steel and are 100% hand welded which ensures that it is very durable and has no seams that can leak dust. The pleated cartridge filter is loaded from the top of the cabinet which is a very unique design that insures a tight seal. The sump is then emptied from the bottom of the collector.


RB900 Dust Collector

The RB900 is a heavy-duty, high quality 2HP 900 CFM cartridge style dust collector. Cleaning the filter is accomplished automatically by a reverse pulse system that has a digital timer which pulses the system at a preset interval. This insures that the filter is functioning at its highest level at all times.

RB500 Dust Collector

The RB500 is a heavy-duty, high quality 500 plus CFM cartridge style dust collector.  Cleaning the filter is accomplished at the turn of a handle which releases air inside the filter to purge dust from the filter.

RB100 Dust Collector

The RB100 Dust Collector is the ideal dust collection system for small to medium blast cabinets. The 1/3 horse power motor outputs 100 CFM of air flow to help keep your work area dust free, making for high visibility while blasting.

RB900 Reclaim

The RB900 Reclaim is a very high quality abrasive reclaim. It is built entirely from 12 gauge steel, and it is 100% laser cut and hand welded — this means it has no seams that can leak media onto the floor. When paired with our RB900 Dust Collector you get an extremely efficient abrasive cleaning system which ensures that you will be blasting with non-contaminated media at all times for optimal production.

Blasting Parts and Accessories

For your convenience, Raptor Blaster also provides the best in blasting replacement parts and accessories. This includes the BNP gun, ceramic and tungsten nozzles, air jets and hoses, replacement glass, gloves, regulators and pressure gauges, filter bags, and air compressors.

We also provide the best abrasive blast media options available, including aluminum oxide, garnet, glass bead, crushed glass, plastic urea, steel grit and steel shot.

Built for Industrial Use

Engineered for the industrial market, and anyone who desires a long-lasting, high-quality blasting cabinet. Raptor Blaster cabinets are built to improve productivity in facilities, shops, and garages where time is valuable. Our sandblasting cabinets are built for durability, even under heavy use.

Made In The USA Quality

Built for heavy-duty use, our media blasting equipment and bead blasting accessories are manufactured in the USA, using the highest standards. The Raptor Blaster brand means solid construction, high performance, and consistent results over time.

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