Here’s a list of replacement sandblast cabinet parts and accessories we carry in stock. Please feel free contact us directly by phone to place an order and purchase. You can also submit a quote request and we will get back to you quickly with price information and answers to your questions. Thanks!

Replacement Parts List

BNP Gun1/8 inch air jet3001
BNP Gun5/32 inch air jet3002
BNP Gun3/16 inch air jet3003
BNP Gun7/32 inch air jet3004
Nozzle NutHolds Nozzle in Gun3005
Ceramic Nozzle5/16 inch opening3006
Ceramic Nozzle3/8 inch opening3007
Tungston Nozzle5/16 inch opening3008
Tungston Nozzle3/8 inch opening3009
Tungston Nozzle7/16 inch opening3010
Tungston Nozzle1/2 inch opening3011
Air Jet1/8 inch opening3012
Air Jet5/32 inch opening3013
Air Jet3/16 inch opening3014
Air Jet7/32 inch opening3015
Air Jet1/4 inch opening3016
Goodyear Air Hose1/2 inch ID3017
Suction Hose (clear)5/8 inch ID3018
Window Glass12 x 243019
Mylar Sheets12 x 243020
Gloves8 inch3021
Gloves10 inch3022
Open Cell Foam1 inch x 1/2 inch3023
Moisture Trap1/2 inch3024
Regulator1/2 inch3025
Pressure Gauge1/4 inch3026
Foot Pedal1/2 inch3027
Filter BagBP Style3028

Download Parts Flyer (PDF)

Please contact us if you don’t see the part you are looking for.   In addition to what we have listed here, our inventory includes parts and accessories for all commonly used Blaster types and Models. We are also a distributor of Pirate Brand® blasting parts and equipment.

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