Our mission at Raptor Blasting Systems is to manufacture the highest quality blast equipment in the market, at a fair and reasonable price. As our product line grows we intend to use our vast blasting industry experience to continue developing highly innovative, functional abrasive blasting equipment.

Our abrasive blast cabinets are extremely high functioning. We use top of the line components from the BNP Style guns to Wilkerson high quality regulators. In addition the Raptor Blasters utilize a very bright 20 watt LED light and a 100 CFM can style dust collector which create a very bright and dust free highly visible cabinet interior. All of which contribute to the high level of performance you will come to expect from a Raptor Blaster.

Raptor Blaster Blast Media cabinets are designed by professional blasters for professional blasters, and is ideal for your Production Facility, Shop, Garage or Business!

Raptor Blaster shop
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Raptor Blaster warehouse

Customer service is a priority. Our customers are our best advertisement and your questions and concerns are always answered promptly. We want our cabinet to exceed your expectations and set a new standard.


Rick Hayes
President and CEO