Rick-Hayes Abrasive Blasting Media Comments Off on How Much Does It Cost for Abrasive Blast Media Disposal?

How much does it cost to dispose of used abrasive blast media? This is a great question. To dispose of abrasive blast media that has used up its life cycle, you must have a sample tested by your local waste disposal company. Your local waste disposal company can tell you if it can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste, or if it is hazardous and needs to be disposed of accordingly. For non-hazardous waste, a 20 yard container full of …

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Rick-Hayes Abrasive Blasting Comments Off on What Is Abrasive Blasting?
Blasting Cabinet by Raptor Blaster.

Abrasive blasting is using pressurized air or water to propel abrasive media against a surface to remove coating, corrosion, or contamination. Also known as sand blasting, grit blasting, or media blasting, abrasive blasting is used to: Make a rough surface smooth Make a smooth surface rough Shape a surface Remove surface contaminants or material, like paint, rust, or residue Clean or prepare a surface Finish a surface Depending on the type of abrasive media used, the blasted surface with have …

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Raptor Blaster Blasting Cabinets Comments Off on How to Set Up a Sandblasting Cabinet
Setting Up a Sandblasting Cabinet

I’m Kenny from Raptor Blaster Systems. Today, we’re going to go through the setup of a Raptor Blaster 4226 with a RB100 dust collector. 1. Install window to blast cabinet 2. Plug cord from light box into power 3. Hook up dust collector 4. Connect to air supply 5. Add bag of abrasive blast media to sump 6. Set blasting pressure between 60 and 90 PSI