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What is a Media Reclaimer? How Does a Reclaimer Work?

What is a media reclaimer? How does a reclaimer work? Why would you want a reclaim for your blast cabinet? The biggest advantage to using a reclaim with a dust collector is you will be able to reuse much of your unspent abrasive media. This increases your blasting efficiency and decreasing your blast media costs. […]

Reusing Abrasive Media in Blast Cabinets for Max Efficiency

Reusing abrasive media is a process that can happen in blast cabinets and other contained blast enclosures. For portable sandblasting and outdoor blasting, the used media is too difficult to collect, filter, and reuse, so that media generally gets disposed. However, if you’re using a blast cabinet for industrial applications, having a process for reusing […]

How to Add Media in the RB3630S Slurry Blast Cabinet

Here are instructions for adding abrasive blast media to our slurry blast cabinet, the RB3630S. These instructions also work for the larger RB4836S.

Should You Buy a Wet Blast or Dry Blast Cabinet?

Should you buy a wet blast or dry blast cabinet? Both have advantages and disadvantages. What type of sandblasting jobs each one is best suited to handle?

Built for Industrial Use

Engineered for the industrial market, and anyone who desires a long-lasting, high-quality blasting cabinet. Raptor Blaster cabinets are built to improve productivity in facilities, shops, and garages where time is valuable. Our sandblasting cabinets are built for durability, even under heavy use.

Made In The USA Quality

Built for heavy-duty use, our media blasting equipment and bead blasting accessories are manufactured in the USA, using the highest standards. The Raptor Blaster brand means solid construction, high performance, and consistent results over time.

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